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This ambitious family drama reaches out to traditional soap-opera audiences and viewers who yearn for a TV drama series that touches on the real conflicts that people face in today's Nigeria. Edge of Paradise is the story of a contemporary Nigerian family. It chronicles their triumphs and losses, pain and gain, moments of quiet satisfaction and bleak times when all seems lost. The second series about a Nigerian family living in today's Lagos, continues the twin appeal of its forerunner and reaches out to traditional soap-opera audiences as well as those who long for real TV drama. This edgy domestic drama has an unspoken motto of "One family. One home. One future!" Through that unifying perspective, it examines subjects such as maintaining family values, unemployment, injustice, romance, tribalism, sexism, marital conflicts and infidelity...
Name : Edge of paradise
Album : Mp3baze.com
Duration : 2 : 59
Source : YouTube
File format : WEBM, FLV, 3GP, 3GPP, MP4
Views : 10,507
Likes : 38
Tags : Edge, of, paradise,
Dislike : 3
Upload time : 4:12am 16th Oct 2012
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